Peer-Reviewed Articles:

“Self-Moving Machines and the Soul: Leibniz contra Spinoza on the Spiritual Automaton.” The Leibniz Review 27 (2017): 65-89

Abstract: The young Spinoza and the mature Leibniz both characterize the soul as a self-moving spiritual automaton. Though it is unclear if Leibniz’s use of the term was suggested to him from his reading of Spinoza, Leibniz was aware of its presence in Spinoza’s Treatise on the Emendation of the Intellect. Considering Leibniz’s staunch opposition to Spinozism, the question arises as to why he was willing to adopt this term. I propose an answer to this question by comparing the spiritual automaton in both philosophers. For Spinoza, the soul acts as a spiritual automaton when it overcomes imaginative ideas and produces true ideas. For Leibniz, the soul acts as a spiritual automaton when it spontaneously produces its perceptions according to the universal harmony preestablished by God. Thus, for Leibniz contra Spinoza, the spiritual automaton is a means to render intelligible a providential order in which everything happens for the best.

“On Analogies in Leibniz’s Philosophy: Scientific Discovery and the Case of the Spiritual Automaton,” in The Continuing Relevance of Leibniz, ed. Charles Joshua Horn, special issue, Quaestiones Disputatae, 7, no. 2 (Spring 2017): 8-30.

Abstract: This paper analyzes Leibniz’s use of analogies in both natural philosophical and metaphysical contexts. Through an examination of Leibniz’s notes on scientific methodology, I show that Leibniz explicitly recognizes the utility of analogies as heuristic tools that aid us in conceiving unfamiliar theoretical domains. I further argue that Leibniz uses the notion of a self- moving machine or automaton to help capture the activities of the immaterial soul. My account helps resist the conventional image of Leibniz as an arch- rationalist unconcerned with methods of empirical discovery and contributes to ongoing discussions on the nature of immaterial substance and mind in Leibniz.

Book Reviews:

Pauline Phemister, Leibniz and the Environment, June 2018 issue of Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie.

Hermeneutics between History and Philosophy: The Selected Writings of Hans-Georg Gadamer, at Phenomenological Reviews